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When it comes to 3D printing software, there are only a few good options to choose from. Much of the software on the market remains quite clunky and lacking in many areas. When it comes to slicing a model for 3D printing, this is one of the single most important factors,from the software side, responsible for determining how well an object prints. While more and more software packages for slicing have been coming to market, many of these are cheaply thrown together packages that really offer nothing new or innovative from a consumer standpoint.


This week atCES 2015, I had the opportunity to sit down with co-founder ofToyBuilder LabsJoseph Chiu as he showed me something that his company andFusionTechhad developed.

本周,在2015年的CES(消费电子展)上,我有机会和ToyBuilder实验室的联合创始人Joseph Chiu(上海复翔科技海外发行商)坐在一块,他给我展示了他们公司和上海复翔科技的研发成果。


ToyBuilder Labs co-founder Joseph Chui with some of the ideaPrinters by FusionTech

ToyBuilder实验室的联合创始人Joseph Chiu 和一些上海复翔科技生产的3D打印机

The slicing software is calledideaMaker, and it was officially unveiled on a large stage at CES 2015. ideaMaker is an entirely free software, that anyone can download, and begin using today. While the software has been under development for a little while now, this latest version is the one that they feel is the most complete, and it’s ready for public distribution.



ideaMaker is easy enough for beginners to use, while also being sophisticated enough for highly experienced 3D printer users, providing for advanced settings to allow for manual manipulation. The software offers model editing, printing settings, and different setting templates for individual models. Other key features are as follows:


  • Offers pre-defined profiles for different printing demands, including “high quality,” “standard,” and “speed.”
  • 为不同的打印要求提供了预配置文件,包括“高质量”、“标准”、“快速”。

  • Natively-compiled, multi-threaded, highly efficient, and fast slicing.
  • 本地编译的、多线程的、高效的、快速的切片。
  • Ungroup feature to separate parts inside of assemblies.
  • 为总件的内部分割提供取消分组特征。
  • Comprehensive set of repair features for fixing bad models.
  • 为修复损坏的模型提供全方位的修正特征。
  • User-friendly interface that is very easy to use. In fact, it only takes four clicks to begin printing.
  • 非常易用的用户友好简面。实际上,只需要点击4次就可以开始打印。
  • Automatic support generation.
  • 自动支撑支持。
  • Compatible with more desktop consumer-level 3D printers.
  • 兼容市面上很多桌面级3D打印机。
  • 64-bit slicing engine.
  • 64位的切片引擎。
  • Supports slicing of large and complex models.
  • 支持大尺寸和复杂模型切片。
  • Ability to manage multiple 3D printing profiles and then switch between the different settings.
  • 可以管理多重3D打印配置文件,并且能在不同的设置中切换。
  • Ability to view cross-sections of models.
  • 可以浏览查看模型的不同截面。
  • Ability to repair bad meshes.
  • 可以修复损坏的模型间隙


Chiu demonstrated the software’s ability to automatically separate parts, in order to create larger parts on smaller desktop 3D printers. I walked away thoroughly impressed with the demonstration, and will definitely be giving this a try when I get back home.

为了在小巧的桌面3D打印机上创建众多的模型部件,Joseph Chiu 演示了这款软件自动分割部件的能力。当我离开时被这个演示留下了深刻的印象,当我回到家,我又试了一下。

It seems as though I am always running into Chiu at various 3D printing conferences and expos, and he is always one of the most friendly guys I speak with. He and his wife founded ToyBuilder Labs, and they have been running strong for quite some time now. They offer some really great deals on some quality 3D printers. I am always impressed by what I see them printing on these machines.

好像我经常在各种3D打印会议和展会上碰到Joseph Chiu,他是一个我交谈中最友好的一个家伙。他和他的妻子创立了ToyBuilder实验室,他们经营管理得不错,有相当长的时间了。他们提供了许多高质量的3D打印机。我经常被他们用这些机器打出的东西留下深刻的印象。

What do you think about ideaMaker? Have you given it a try? We’d love to hear your feedback.




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